Popular Soups

Our restaurant is located in the hub of downtown Ottawa just steps from Parliament Hill. It has become a popular lunch stop for many politicians and well known journalists. I’ve always had fun with food and so I began making special soups and naming them after some of our regular customers who gave me their recipe ideas. It’s been a big hit with everybody.

Here is the list (in no particular order):

Peter Van Dusen – Green Split Pea with Ham
Marc Garneau – Vegan Soup
Stephen Harper – Beef & Chicken Chili Soup
President Obama – Beef Chili Soup
Paul Hunter – Chicken Cacciatore w/ Mushroom
Mayor Jim Watson – Chicken Noodle
Dan Palayew – A’misen’n chicken Chipotle
Paul Kane’s – Thai Chicken Cashew and Mushroom
Popeye’s and Olive – Turkey Florentine Spinach
Alan Neal – Ginger and Mushroom
Adele’s – Italian Style Chicken
Barry J. McLoughlin – Bowtie Chicken Vegetable
Robyn Bresnahan – Chicken Tikka Masala
Jeffrey Simpson – Classic Beef and Barley
Maureen Welch – Shepherd’s Pie Soup
Don Martin – Beer and Cheese Potato Chowder
Thomas Mulcair – Creamy Onion and Mushroom
Elizabeth May – Green Vegetarian
John Ivison – Scotch Broth Chicken and Barley
Cory O’Kelly – Gourmet Cheeseburger Soup
Rick Mercer’s – Newfoundland Jigg’s Dinner
Tony Soprano’s – Pizza Soup
Rob Russo’s – Zuppa Bolognese Pork Beef and Mushroom
Alex Hebert’s – Italian Style Meatball
Evan Solomon – Reuben Chowder
Stu Mills – Vegan Gluten Free Vegetable
Kim’s – Triple Mushroom Fusion
Andrew Sherwood’s – Tomato Pesto Dutch Gouda
Kevin Newman’s – Quinoa Vegan Vegetable Gluten Free
Dean Martin’s – Pasta Fagioli Italian Soup
Mercedes Stephenson’s – Red Hot & Lime Shrimp Chicken & Crab

Here’s a fun interview about our popular soups:

Chef honours NDP leader with creamy onion mushroom soup

“Ottawa restaurateur Claudio the Soup Guy has also created soup recipes to honour politicians such as Barack Obama (beef chili) and Stephen Harper (chicken chili). Thomas Mulcair’s honourary soup is a blend between the NDP leader’s favourite French Onion and a rich Cream of Mushroom.” – The Globe and Mail