At Soup Guy Plus we have chosen to provide our delicious menu items in a different way than the usual predictable hum-drum way. We offer a dynamic menu following old world traditions, sure we offer a soup, sandwiches, quiches, panini, wraps, beverages, coffees and treats but as far as the specifics… they change from day to day. Here are a few samples of what we have offered over the past few months.



We offer a large variety of soups. Made fresh daily and constantly providing new adventures in taste. We have the mainstays such as Chicken Noodle, Tomato and Cream of Mushroom… but don’t stop us there! What brings back our clientele are the flavours that you can’t find anywhere else locally, or in some cases anywhere …

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Panini, Wraps and Sandwiches

Traditions are meant to be respected and in some cases improved upon! The custom-baked rolls are gently toasted and slicked with good olive oil but never pressed, so as not to sully the flavors of the fillings. The mouthwatering combinations of cheese, meats, peppers bold flavor and crafty proportion. A wide variety will again keep …

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Fresh from the garden! In the tradition of the old world we offer the freshest in-season salads and fresh fruit. Weekly the variety changes from Greek, Caesar, Mango, Chicken, Garden and many more. Here’s a sample: Niçoise Tuna California Chicken Caesar Greek with Feta Assorted Pasta Assorted Quinoa Assorted Israeli Couscous Wheat Berry with Fruit …

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The Soup Guy as featured on CBC News

Come and have a look at what we do and how we do it, as featured on CBC News Ottawa:

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Chef honours NDP leader with creamy onion mushroom soup – The Globe and Mail

Obama, Harper, now Mulcair: Chef honours NDP leader with creamy onion mushroom soup Ottawa restaurateur Claudio the Soup Guy has also created soup recipes to honour politicians such as Barack Obama (beef chili) and Stephen Harper (chicken chili). Thomas Mulcair’s honourary soup is a blend between the NDP leader’s favourite French Onion and a rich …

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